About Us

Our Mission

At Dormbedding.com we have had years of experience in supplying college dorms with durable quality bedding.  We have now expanded into sheets, comforters, blankets, and more for students.  Our products now come in many colors to suit every type of dorm decor.  Campus living is an exciting time for young adults.  Make sure that a good night of sleep in soft, comfortable sheets is part of it.  

Great sleep is a wonderful way to recharge for the active college lifestyle.  Our sheets are not only soft, wrinkle free and feel luxurious, they are guaranteed until graduation. 


Our sheets will fit your lifestyle. From soft fleece sets that wrap you in warmth during the winter months to our microfiber (best seller!) that will be soft yet cool and comfortable.  See our selection of Sheets Sets and select your favorite color!

Mattress Pads & Toppers 

We all remember the mattress we had in the dorm room, and it's not a very fond memory!  Add a Mattress Pad and make each night a comfortable and productive experience.  Our Pillow-Top mattress pad is 1.5" thick, quilted, and hypoallergenic.  


Get up, Make your bed, #1 thing accomplished today!  Your comforter says a lot about your style, Orange? Red? Printed?  Be unique and choose a soft brushed microfiber comforter that will look great and last!  Like all of our products these comforters wash easily and are stain resistant. 


Winters can get chilly in the dorms. Our Fleece and Microplush blankets can help you stay cozy during long study sessions, cool mornings or hanging out with friends.  


Make it simple! Buy a move-in-day bundle that will have the room perfect. Choose from our Standard or Ultimate bundle that will include everything needed to make sleeping away from home comfortable and restful.